The Student Summit is Ireland's largest student-led start-up expo, focused on helping students develop their start-up ideas and find employment with existing start-ups.

The Printworks, Dublin castle | 21st March 2017 | 2:00pm

The Student Summit 2017 will take place in The Printworks, Dublin Castle on Tuesday, March 21st 2017. It will be a promotion and exploration of innovation for third-level students across the island of Ireland. In attendance will be over 600 students, who will interact with over 35 start-ups, learn from 6 different workshops and hear from engaging, motivational speakers from across the start-up sector.

The aim of the Student Summit is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship among the Irish student populace, as well as to help start-up companies find their next generation of skilled, motivated employees.  The Student Summit hopes to open up the start-up world for students, bust some of the myths surrounding start-up culture and help students learn from experienced start-up gurus.



We believe in doing everything we can to help foster the next generation of start-ups. To this end, the Student Summit will provide attendees with engaging workshops, engrossing speakers and unparalleled knowledge from our start-up gurus.

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Entrepreneurship is fueled by hard work, good business acumen, determination and a strong network. The Student Summit aims to deliver on all these fronts in an attempt to carve a more entrepreneurial student population in Ireland.

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Startup Employment

We are living in an age where the employment landscape for students is changing by the day. The Student Summit endeavors to offer attendees the opportunity to speak to some of Ireland's top start-ups who are hiring right now.